Thursday, 5 January 2012

Crawlers Get Into Trouble!

So, as all parents probably know, once your child begins to become mobile you're in trouble!

As I said in my last post Willow has begun to crawl. On New Years Day we had a disaster!

Because over the Christmas Holiday period Willow has got so used to spending so much time with Tyler and I she has become very clingy (I hear this is common at her age anyway?) so whenever I leave the room I have to take her with me and sit her beside me to prevent screaming.

So, New Years Day, about 8o'clock I went to go and pack her carseat away in the cupboard and sat Willow beside me, and while I was in the cupboard heard a scream, I ran to her as it wasn't the normal 'whine'. When I entered the lounge I found she had her hand on the fire - we have a closed log burner, with a glass front, but what shocked me the most is that she wasn't actually moving her hand, I thought that she had melted her hand onto the glass! I did what my instinct told me to do and ran her hand under the kitchen tap, whilst giving her a shower at the same time! I ran to Tyler and we rushed to A&E with her, all the way there she screamed.

So, after waiting for a consultation from a Doctor I swear she nearly screamed the hospital down. The fact that I was in such a state from seeing her hurt (and thinking it was my fault she was hurt) probably made her far more stressed, which of course didn't help matters. She was also ready for bed, which again didn't help as she wanted her milk - we actually had the milk with us as on the way out of the door I grabbed it as an attempt to console in the car on the way up - didn't work! We waited for nearly an hour for the Dr to come, but once she arrived she was pretty prompt in checking her out, then said a nurse would be round in about 5 minutes to administer some pain killers then she would return in 10 minutes to see how Willow had reacted to them - this didn't happen for another 40 minutes. I hate all the waiting around you get in hospitals, especially when my daughter is quite obviously in pain!

The Dr did mention about going up to Salisbury in the morning to burns unit as it could be quite serious, but once she returned after Willow had been calmed slightly by the pain killers she said that we needn't do that. So we waited for painkillers to be prescribed and off we went, only to return in the morning!

The next day we were up at A&E again - we had been told to return, no extra injuries! We waited for ageess! Nurse came, had a look and redressed it and told us to make an appointment for two days time, so that was all ok!

Tyler said that taking her to nursery on Wednesday was a pain, there were a gazillion forms to fill out, about the bandage, about the medicine, and god knows what else..

A week later and we still have a little girly with a bandage on her hand - well when it stays on there! At the moment it's an orange bandage from her tea last night, cause getting it off and replacing it is such a struggle. On Wednesday we were told to keep the bandage on until the blisters had all popped and healed to prevent infection. I know that one blister has popped (there are 3), but how the hell am I meant to know when it's healed if we're keeping the bandage on?!

Hopefully this doesn't happen again!
Bye for now,
Love Elle xx

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