Saturday, 31 December 2011

Willow's first Photoshoot & A Quick Update

As some of you reading this probably know, Willow was born to parents that love photography! Anyway, we were in Mothercare and filled in a form, from which we won a photoshoot - we were unaware of quite how much the prints would cost though!

However, the results were definately worth it, and it was totally worth getting the CD for a few extra quid. I think that this has probably got to be one of my favourites.

But, onto the update front....

1. Willow's first tooth!
So, every parent will know that teething is horrid. It's horrid to see your gorgeous little bundle in pain, but then it's also horrid to be up in the night! I've not been up so much in the night since she had Whooping cough - I would just be up all night watching over her scared..

Onto the tooth front though - our little monkey got her first tooth on the same day that her Daddy passed his driving test! The 2nd December, which also happened to be her 8 month birthday!

2. Crawling
Well, Willow has been crawling backwards for what seems like forever - I found a copy of a review from her Peadiatrican on the 4th October and then she was moving backwards! But it's not been until the past few days, I'd have to say properly since Boxing Day that the little monster has been crawling. It wasn't actually until today when I was cleaning the bathroom that I realised that babies get into the places that you really don't want them to be in - Willow was trying to get into the shower!

3. Hair Cut
Christmas day was the date of Willow's first hair cut. She sat quite still while my Grandma cut her lovely locks off. It was only a trim of the hair over her ears as it was getting a little wispy, but it looks better for it. Her hair seems thicker already, which is strange!

I am now in need of a 1st curl box, I've seen many trinket boxes around but I think I'd quite like to make one myself. If anyone has any ideas then they would be most welcome, at the moment her hair is sat in an envelope...

4. First Word
Now this is something that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Willow's first word is Mumma! Tyler will of course deny this, and the day that she says Dadda he will say that that was her first word, but Willow when you read this in years to come I'd like you to know that your first word was most definately Mumma!

And to finish the post, a Christmas photo of our gorgeous little Willow xxxxxxx
Probably wont post now until next year, so I hope that you all have a Happy New Year! xxxxxxxx

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