Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I Want Christmas Back!

I loved having two weeks off of school to spend with Willow and all of our fab family, and I miss that time so much!

BritMums' writing prompt this week is 'highlights of your Christmas' But I'm not quite sure that there is one thing I can chose that was a highlight - I loved all the time I had to spend with my gorgeous little girl.

Obviously one moment that is unforgetable is the opening of presents and stockings, but this year I'm not sure that Willow really knew what was going on. She was a very lucky girly this year and Santa came to Mummy's house AND Daddy's house! Something that is quite strange though is that at Mummy's house the things are just in the stocking, but at Daddy's house stocking presents were wrapped - how strange!

What happens at your house, to wrap or not to wrap?

Willow loved her lunchbox which her Uncle Jayden brought her, it came with a spoon and I think that must have been her favourite present! Of course Daddy would say that her favourite present was 'noman, a small version of his favourite teddy from The Snowman (hence the name 'noman as when he was little he couldn't say it properly, awwwww!).

Did you give presents that brought childhood memories back? What were your little monsters' favourite presents?

As I've previously mentioned, Willow started to crawl over Christmas. Now, this must be a highlight of the few weeks, she's such a little monster! Now Willow is also 'cruising' around furniture too, but one peice she can't quite work out is Daddy's wheely computer chair, she gets stuck within the legs!As a previous post mentioned, I'm now aware that crawlers get into trouble! So, just thought you might like to know - her burns are looking much better now, bandage off and doesn't appear to be hurting her when she uses her hand.

Why not write a post on your Christmas Highlights and link up to BritMums?

Bye for now, I've got Maths revision to be doing - exam on Friday!
Love Elle xx

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