Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Quick Update I guess..

Seeing as I really don't feel tired yet I thought perhaps I should update you all on our life...
A week and a half ago now was my AS Core 1 Maths exam, of what fun that was! I think it went ok, I really am hoping that it has done! And next week is my deadline for my Photography - all of Unit 1, so everything since September. So I'm pretty stressed at the moment. Something I have noticed over the past few days however is that I really have slumped back into the deep procrastination circle, when you do one thing, that then triggers another thought which makes you do another task - I can be procrastinating for hours! I mean tonight I made dinner, normally I work through the time that Mum makes dinner - don't get me wrong, I did enjoy doing it but why?! Why when I had the opportunity to do some work did I not take it?
It was exactly the same last night, I was making macaroni cheese at half 10... Because on a Tuesday Willow goes to her Great, great Auntie Margaret who doesn't have a microwave to heat meals so I thought I best make some pasta... If I'd made it at dinner time I might have understood my thinking, but no!
On the Willow front all is good! Her hand has healed perfectly, health visitor came last week and she's all good there. Just need to make her a doctors appointment about her huge swollen tummy, does anyone have any experience what it could be? She's always had a large swollen tummy and in the summer we were up at the children's ward and nothing was solved there. At first they said that it could have been Hirschsprung's Disease which freaked us out, after getting Whooping Cough we didn't want our baby to have any other nasty problems. Then the pediatrician said that it could have been a gluten allergy.. But who knows, it's not actually ever been investigated further, so after my photography has been handed in Willow and I will be straight down to our GP and demanding that something happens. She does have symptoms of Hirschprung's which is worrying, she has always had a larger abdomen from birth, even when we had a scan her tummy measurement was that of a 37 week baby and all other measurements were that of a 33 week baby , which is proof that if there is anything there then it is congenital... she has explosive stools, she used to have a lot of feeding difficulties - I had to stop breast feeding at 12 weeks as she used to be on me for 2 hours then a 20 minute gap and be wanting more, she was diagnosed with Tongue tie.
So the coming weeks we have Willow's hospital appointment with Dr Harms, she will love to see the dr, she calls her 'My lovely Whooping Cough baby' she says that she will always recognise Willow's cough! Next thing, half term!Anyone got anything exciting planned? Oh, and can't forget, next week on Tuesday and Wednesday I've got two nights out in a row! BLISS, nothing to worry about!

Over and out m'dears, much love Young Mummy xxxx

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