Monday, 11 June 2012

What I Never Expected When Expecting

As regular readers will know, I didn't have the longest of pregnancies, in fact it was only three week long. No, my chile was not a miracle baby and didn't survive being born as a fetus. Nope, that wasn't it - I didn't find out that I was pregnant until six weeks before baby was due.

Three weeks down the line I found myself laid in a hospital bed looking at my gorgeous little doll - it didn't seem real. It's incredible how life-changing giving birth can be. One minute you're thinking about babies and nothing seems like a reality, the next moment you are a parent.

Here's the four things I didn't expect when I was expecting:

  1. Under the ribs pains
  2. Stretch marks - my poor beautiful bod!
  3. Sleepless nights - <3 my V pillow!
  4. Increased and unexpected bowel movements in labour...
It's incredible how most pregnancies experience the first 3 on the list, and the day I found out I was pregnant I was experiencing all of these! Most parents probably expect these things, but not knowing anything about pregnancy I knew nothing! How my body wasn't experiencing these for the first 33 weeks of being pregnant is a mystery, 'cause the day I found out I then experienced all of these.

I will never forget my Mum's wise wordsd: "When you need a poo and you need it now then the baby is on it's way." Anyway, I won't go into detail on that point as I'm sure not many of you are interested in reading much more about my excrement...

Much love beauties,
Young Mummy xxx


  1. I reckon you could be the envy of many a pregnant woman! The thought of only having a few weeks of pregnancy symptoms sounds like a dream!

    CJ x

  2. Haha, yeah I never had a 'bad' pregnancy experience! Everything wasn't so bad..
    Elle xx