Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Name She Nearly Was

Willow wasn't always going to be called Willow you know! Nope, at some point in my incredibly long pregnancy (if you don't know my story you can read it here) Tyler and I decided on the name Rosa. And that was that, we started calling my belly Rosa instead of 'Bump' and I guess it sounded right.

However that didn't stick. For some incredibly strange reason, once I held my gorgeous girl in my arms I called her Willow. Poor Tyler, he was a little confused about this! I didn't consult him on the choice, which I suppose was a little mean, but hey it's happened now. The poor guy was calling her RoWillow for days - I didn't mean to confuse anyone, honest!

Anyway, once Willow Smith's song 'Whip your hair' came on, instantly I knew why I had chosen the name. Willow had an incredible amount of hair!

Would love to hear your 'The name they nearly were' stories! If I were a boy, I wouldn't have had a name, guess it's a good job I am actually a girl and could be called Elle...

Comment away!

Much Love

Mama’s Losin’ It

Thanks to Mama Kat for the lovely writing prompts. I have been subscribed for a while to her weekly prompts email, but this is the first post I have ever written after being inspired. :)


  1. We whittled our name choices down to 5 for a girl and 1 for a boy. When my daughter was born I let my husband choose from those 5, with my son it was a bit easier! I still wonder whether my daughter would suit Tess, Nell, Connie or Gabrielle better than the name we chose. Then I realise her name suits her perfectly

  2. I still love the names Ida and Olive, so perhaps they can be names future girls. Where I found out we were having a girl straight away we didn't have to consider any boys names, but thinking about it now I have no idea what she would be called if she were a boy!

    Elle x

  3. Opposite situation here; with both DD and DS, we could only agree on one name. There'd have been no question of changing them! Willow is a very pretty name but our surname ends with 'low' so it was never an option.