Friday, 13 April 2012

Guest Post over at Slummy Single Mummy

Hop over to Slummy Single Mummy to check out the guest post that I wrote for her.

It contains a full story from when I found that I was pregnant, to now! Jo wanted a story that would challenge the view on teen mums, and I hope my post has done!

You can find the post here.


Young Mummy xx


  1. I can't exactly put myself in the teen mum catagory, I fell pregnant with my first at 21 and had my daughter at 22. But what I will say your story was beautiful and it must of been such a shock for you. But I will stay well done you and you have such a lovely daughter and a brilliant partner. You go and enjoy your holiday hun.!/nikkijay11

    1. Thanks.
      Was such a shock, yes. But a lovely shock!