Thursday, 1 March 2012


I've had a long month! February seemed to go on forever! I've had so much school work to do, I thought that maybe I would get a chance to chill out after having my Maths exam and Photography deadline... nope! Ahwell, I guess being in school with a baby was never going to be easy!
GUMIGEM - Lightning Pendant - Nimbus
This Gumi Gem is apparently
very good for molars aswell
as those pesky front teeth.

Willow is now in a better bedtime routine, she is in bed asleep by half 8 at the latest most nights but that for sure does not mean that she stays asleep all night! Poor baby, she's going through lots of pain at the moment!

We are currently trying out a new product from Grandma's shop, a Gumi Gems necklace. It is good, but it appears that most of pain is during the night so it's not really helping at the moment... However, on the subject of Grandma's shop, Precious Cargo should be opening in Ryde town in a few months! Check out the shops' Facebook page here for more info! You might as well 'like' the page while you're there ;)

Other teething products that we are using are Bonjela and Dentinox teething gels which do work, but not for long! And also Nelson's Teetha powder, that seems to do a bit of a better job than Bonjela but still poor little bubba is in pain. :( Of course she loves using her toothbrush too, that does help for a while! I'm looking at getting Willow an amber necklace as these are supposed to help with teething pains but I'm not sure about her wearing a necklace all the time...

If you can help me out by saying what products you have used, or just re-assuring me about the necklace thing hop over to my Facebook profile and have a chat :)

Bye for now though guys xx


  1. Bonjela and cuddles you will get through it, have to say though I wasn't studying for A-Levels so ten times harder for you. xx

  2. Hi! Just came across your blog via the blog carnival over at Mummy's Little Monkey and when I read this I just had to comment. My daughter began teething very early on and we had a rough time of it, and like you I wasn't sure about her wearing a necklace... but there are anklets you can get instead. I couldn't recommend amber more. My daughter has just cut 4 molars in a week and I had no idea it was happening! Go for it xx

    PS we also found that Dentinox teething gel worked better than Bonjela