Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bad Nights and Baby Games!

One thing that I do miss about not being a mummy is being able to sleep un-interrupted all night!

Currently, at nearly midnight I am actually sat in the hallway tuning out from the screaming baby in the next room - I've already been in bed once tonight!

I've onlygot to be up in six hours, not that bad! It's not even like I can have a nap once I'm at school - I have triple maths tomorrow morning! Ehoh!


On the topic of screaming babies, I've got a question for everyone.

How do you stop screaming fits?

My favourite way is to allow Willow to use the computer and go on her games. She also plays with the baby app that I have on my mobile! She's a techno baby fo' sho'

Her favourite game is here.

Share what you do below in the comments section!

Anyway, for now I'm off to look for some work experience placements, then bed bed bed!

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