Monday, 12 November 2012

Dolls House Restoration.

Tyler and I have decided that for Christmas we are going to restore my old Dolls House for Willow!

I got the Dolls House for Christmas 12 years ago, and I absolutely LOVED playing with it. unfortunately the house has ended up looking a bit poorly after passing it down to my sister. I don't think I'll ever forgive her for pulling the windows out!

Memories of playing with the Dolls House are endless! I used to spend hours imagining exciting occasions with my dolly family! Now I would like to give Willow this endless enjoyment, and keep this lovely toy going for another generation - maybe it will even be something that Willow passes on to her children, I do hope so.

Tyler, of course, is very pleased to be in charge of the techy side of restoration. MY Dolls House never had any lights, but obviously Willow's version is going to be as techy as Tyler can get away with. 

Daddy and Little One enjoyed ripping the old wallpaper off. 
Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on the restoration process, as I would like to document it on here, especially so that in the future Willow can see the long process. In the mean time, if anybody has any tips or ideas for us then I would be very pleased! Just leave me a comment, even if it is what you had in your dolls house, that one little piece that you loved. :D 

Much Love, 

Young Mummy xxxxx