Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Why start a blog?

Our gorgeous little girly xx
I'm a 16 year old Mum to a gorgeous little girly Willow, who is 7 months old. Being such a young mum is hard, people automatically place you in a stereotypical group, which I don't fit into! All of the advice for Mums is not aimed at people like me, those who are young and don't actually have much life experience. So that is the purpose of this blog, to help other mums out there. I know that if I had found a person out there who knew what I was going through while I was pregnant then I would have been talking to them about everything!<

I guess my situation is pretty different to that of anyone else... I didn't know I was pregnant, not until 3 weeks before Willow was born! It wasn't until my lovely form tutor at school asked me if there was any chance that I could be pregnant because she was concerned about the size my boobs had got! She didn't want me giving birth on an airoplane cause I was meant to be going to Florida with my boyfriend and his family a month from the day she said this to me.

There's absolutely no words for how shocked and suprised both me and my boyfriend were, but we weren't going to believe one pregnancy test! So that evening I went home, sat and watched the TV with my mum, the program we watched was about babies born as 24 weeks gestation, I swear that program was killing me inside, knowing that I could be that far through my pregnancy. When it came to the morning I went to my boyfriend, Tyler's house before school to do another test. The result of that was of course positive, all we could do was cry.

We cried all day. At school my form tutor told us that we had to tell our parents... Obviously with us being so young (I was 15 at the time and Tyler 17) our parents were not impressed but my Mum knew that things couldn't be done slowly, we had to act on things quickly! I had an appointment with my GP within 2 hours of calling them.

But for now I'd better get to bed... I'll continue our story soon. Much love <3 xx

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